Zombie Terror Board Game

The zombie apocalypse has been a popular trope in pop culture for years, but now the undead are invading board games. This new board game is based on the hit TV show The Walking Dead and features zombies that have to be hunted down with weapons like crossbows and shotguns.

The my city board game is a zombie themed board game that has been around for quite some time. The game includes different scenarios and locations, including the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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Introducing Zombie Terror Board Game! This exciting new game is a perfect way to enjoy the zombie apocalypse! Players take on the role of survivors as they attempt to escape the city during the outbreak. Race against other players to find refuge and protect themselves from hordes of undead monsters. With unique gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and plenty of excitement, Zombie Terror Board Game is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages!


Zombie apocalypse games are all the rage these days. Whether you’re looking to shoot some zombies in first-person, or survive a zombie outbreak in a more strategic manner, there’s definitely a game out there for you. And if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different, why not try your hand at Wavelength?

Wavelength is a board game that simulates the experience of being on a TV show. Players have to guess the wavelength of various objects in order to score points. It’s an interesting twist on the typical board game formula, and it’s sure to provide hours of fun.

Photosynthesis is another great option if you’re looking for something unique. In this game, players must grow trees in order to collect sunlight. The player with the most sunlight at the end of the game wins!

So whether you’re looking for a traditional zombie shooter or something a little bit different, there’s definitely a board game out there for you.

The Rules

1. If you are bitten by a zombie, you turn into a zombie.

2. If you kill a zombie, you get a point.

3. The first person to 10 points wins the game.

4. You can only move one space per turn.

5. Zombies can only move one space per turn as well.


The Components

The game board is a map of the world that has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. The goal of the game is to survive and find a way to escape the infected area. The game is played with two to four players.

The player pieces are survivors who are trying to find a way to escape the infected area. The survivors can move around the map and search for supplies. They can also build barricades to protect themselves from the zombies.

The zombies are controlled by the game itself and they spawn in on certain areas of the map. The Zombies move towards the survivors and try to infect them. If a survivor becomes infected, they become a zombie themselves and start attacking other survivors.

There are several different types of cards in the game:

-Event cards which can be good or bad depending on what happens during that turn

-Location cards which allow you to travel to different areas on the map

-Supply cards which give you items that you can use during gameplay

-Barricade cards which let you build barricades

The Gameplay

Zombie Apocalypse is a board game for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up. The game takes place in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, and players must work together to survive and rebuild civilization. The game is played over four rounds, with each round representing one season. In each round, players must gather resources, build shelters, and defend against hordes of zombies. At the end of each round, players score points based on their survival status and the amount of resources they have collected. The player with the most points at the end of the fourth round wins the game.

Wavelength is a board game for 2-8 players, ages 8 and up. The goal of the game is to be the first team to correctly guess the wavelength of another player’s signal. The game is played over four rounds, with each round representing one type of signal: visual, auditory, verbal, or physical. Players take turns guessing wavelengths, and if they guess correctly they score points for their team. At the end of each round, teams tally up their points and whichever team has more points wins that round. The first team to win two rounds wins the whole game!

Photosynthesis is a board game for 2-4 players that simulates the process of photosynthesis. Players start with seedlings which they must grow into trees using sunlight as energy. When trees are big enough they can produce seeds which can be used to grow new trees or traded for other resources.Players must carefully manage their forest in order to maximize growth while avoid being shaded by other player’s taller trees!

The Strategy

The Strategy is a board game that simulates a zombie apocalypse. Players must use their resources to build barricades and weapons, and survive against waves of zombies. The game is won by the last player standing, or the player with the most points at the end of the game.

The Pros

1. If you’re looking for a challenging and unique board game experience, look no further than The Pros. This game is all about strategy and resource management, as you attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse. With multiple game modes and difficulty levels, there’s something here for everyone.

2. ThePros also features an innovative gameplay mechanic known as the “wavelength system.” This allows players to control the flow of gameplay by managing their own personal wavelength (or “pulse”) throughout the game. It’s a really cool and original concept that makes The Pros stand out from other games in its genre.

3. Another great selling point for The Pros is its amazing visuals. The gameboard is beautifully designed, and the artwork on the cards is simply stunning. Photosynthesis, another recent release from publisher Blue Orange Games, shares similar visual appeal; but where that game focuses on plant life, The Pros goes for a more dark and foreboding look that perfectly fits the theme of surviving a zombie outbreak.

4. Finally, I wanted to mention the price point of The Pros; at $60 it’s definitely not cheap, but considering the high quality of components and overall replay value, I think it’s well worth the investment. If you’re looking for an unforgettable board gaming experience, be sure to check out ThePros!

The Cons

A game about the zombie apocalypse may not sound like much fun, but The Cons is a surprisingly addictive and engaging game. Players take on the role of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to scavenge resources and build up their base while avoiding (or fighting) zombies. The game is fast-paced and relatively easy to learn, making it a great choice for gamers who want something that’s both fun and challenging.


Wavelength is an interesting board game that pits two teams against each other in a race to correctly guess the wavelength of a series of light signals. It’s a unique concept that makes for an enjoyable and challenging experience. The game can be played with anywhere from two to ten players, making it great for parties or small gatherings.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a board game that simulates the zombie apocalypse, Wavelength is the perfect choice. With its unique gameplay mechanics, it provides a challenging and fun experience for all players. If you’re looking for a lighter, more family-friendly game, Photosynthesis may be a better option. However, both games are excellent choices and offer plenty of replay value.

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