What Channel Is The Gator Game On?

It’s time for some Gator football! Here’s everything you need to know about where to watch the game.

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The Gator Game: What channel is it on?

The Gator game is on CBS!

How to watch the Gator game

The Gator game is on ESPN.

What time is the Gator game on?

The Gator game is on at 3:30pm EST on Saturday, September 15th.

Where to watch the Gator game

The Gator game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Why you should watch the Gator game

Gators fans, this is your reminder to watch the game! The Florida Gators take on the Auburn Tigers Saturday afternoon in a pivotal SEC matchup. Here are four reasons why you should tune in.

1. To see if the Gators can remain undefeated
The Gators are currently 6-0 and ranked No. 5 in the nation. They’re coming off a dominant 38-0 win over the Missouri Tigers and will look to keep their momentum going against Auburn. With another win, the Gators will remain undefeated and continue their march towards a potential SEC Championship game appearance.

2. To see if the Gators can notch another key SEC win
While the Gators have looked impressive thus far, they’ve yet to beat a ranked opponent. A win against Auburn would not only help solidify their position as one of the top teams in the SEC, but it would also be a key victory in terms of their playoffs aspirations. Furthermore, it would give them some much-needed breathing room in the SEC East standings as they try to fend off Georgia and Tennessee.

3. To see an exciting matchup between two top-10 teams
The last time these two teams met was in 2017 when then-No. 10 Auburn defeated then-No. 2 Florida by a score of 26-13. This year’s game promises to be just as exciting, as both teams are once again ranked in the top 10 (No. 5 Florida vs No. 7 Auburn). It should be a great game to watch!

4. To support your team!
Finally, and most importantly, you should tune in to support your team! The Florida Gators need all the fans they can get as they take on a tough Auburn team Saturday afternoon. So make sure you’re tuned in and ready to cheer them on to victory!

The history of the Gator game

The Gator game started in 1931 as a way to boost morale during the Great Depression. The game was created by a group of University of Florida alumni who wanted to help their alma mater financially. They came up with the idea of a football game between the University of Florida and the University of Miami. The game was originally played on Thanksgiving Day, but was later moved to December because of scheduling conflicts.

The Gator game became so popular that it began to be broadcast on television in 1954. The game has been televised every year since then, except for one year when it was not played due to Hurricane Irma. It is now one of the most watched football games in the country.

The Gator game today

The Gator game today is on channel 4.

The Gator game tomorrow

The Gator game tomorrow is on channel 4.

The Gator game next week

The Gator game next week is on channel 4.

The Gator game next month

The Gator game next month will be on channel 4. Make sure to check your local listings.

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